Gym Victus is a fitness training and sports performance facility. We could be called a classical gymnasium with a focus on strength and conditioning, boxing and body sculpting. Simply put, we just do what works, not what’s just in fashion. Located in the Canberra region we are a little different than your run of the mill gym or fitness centre, our members become part of a team, not just another number.

The Gym Victus way is to unite traditional training methods with contemporary text book training therefore resulting in the best of everything

Kidz Kickboxing

Kidz Kickboxing is a fitness training and martial arts program for children aged 6 – 12 yo. The program is designed to teach and develop gross motor skills, fitness, self confidence, discipline and have fun. Muay Thai  is trained as a base style in conjunction with modern boxing and combat arts techniques; rounding off a highly suitable underage program. Trainers are fully qualified and experience in competition, Australia based self protection, and Thailand based training.

Next program term STARTS April 29, 2017
10 week Program
Saturday 11.15am- 12noon

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The NEW Gym Victus

The NEW Gym Victus been officially launched. Upgraded and expanded facilities- Gym Victus is a classic industrial gymnasium set to offer genuine results based training, along with now being established as a combat sports facility.. Changes include; over double of size with separate boxing and weight training units, extensive weight training equipment, cardio (Treadmills, spin bikes, rowers), grass lanes, elevated competition boxing ring, extensive range of boxing bags & speedballs, change room & shower facilities, and 24 hour memberships.
PowerFit is cross training in strength and fitness. Solid text book training principles and programming are followed to increase both strength and fitness without a deficit in power. PowerFit sessions are targeted towards results in strength, speed, power, cardiovascular, weight (fat) loss and functional fitness.

Monday 5.30-6.15pm
Wednesday 6-7pm

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat arts training and program aimed at both the development and improvement of sport MMA athletes, and cross training with elements of self-protection. MMA training is led by experienced professional MMA athlete Andrew Machin (extensive pro career, BJJ Brown Belt), who delivers a wealth of knowledge, along with creating a professional but inclusive training environment. Training is open for both males and females.

Tuesday MMA 6.30-7.30pm MMA Grappling 7.30-8.30pm
Thursday MMA 6.30-8pm
Monday BJJ 7-8pm

In conjunction with MMA:
Fight Club Friday 5.30-7pm (Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA sparring)
Combat Fitness Tuesday 5.45-6.30pm & Saturday 4-4.45pm

Boxing training is under the control of the qualified and experienced Gym Victus boxing coach. Training focuses towards competition traditional style boxing, however not limited to as participants may utilise to develop boxing within other styles of combat. The boxing training program consists of technique, conditioning, defensive work and sparring drills. Boxing at Gym Victus is focused towards each individual in fair and welcoming environment

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

One on One personalised training with a Gym Victus personal trainer will drive you towards reaching your fitness goals. Gym Victus Personal Trainers are independent; therefore you will gain their full attention to your fitness training requirements. Personal Training with Gym Victus will focus on the area’s in which you want to improve:
– Strength training (including core)
– Muscle tone
– Bodyfat reduction (weight loss)
– SAQ (speed, agility, quickness)
– Increase training knowledge

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Program training is more than just an everyday fitness class. Each 6 week program is focussed on progression. Meaning that programs develop over the 6 week period – so you improve and develop. Gym Victus offers strength, fitness, boxing, and Muay Thai kickboxing programs.

Our focus is on clients results, and by utilising the 6 week program structure we are enabling clients to opportunity to develop their fitness and abilities.


Gym Victus Exclusive Memberships are designed to achieve real results. All memberships include private training programs designed and instructed by experienced personal trainer, with your program outlining how to utilise the gym, specifically set for your targets. You are genuinely guided through your training with support. Included in all memberships is Open 24 hour access to the gymnasium, it’s like having your own fully equipped, functional gym with the guidance of experts at a fraction of the cost of large cookie cut commercial gyms.